Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Got tagged! yeah baby

I want to say thanks to Beautiful, Jaycee  and Neefemi people I consider my blog sisters…
I love you guys a lot, thanks for your words. 

Words are important to me and they are very powerful so I don’t take it lightly!

1.       I am intense, deep, I think, I write and I get happy easily, I also get hurt easily. I could change myself, I have been trying for decades but I have given up and accepted me as I am, I guess God made me this way for a reason. I am a people watcher like jaycee.
2.       I commit seriously and so it takes a while for me to become a person’s friend and it is difficult for me to stop being friends, I give a lot of second chances. I am faithful and loyal and I expect this two qualities in people I consider my friends. I think I am mature enough to know that you may consider some people your friends but the sentiment is not returned.
3.       I guard my heart diligently. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t but I discriminate a lot because I know the people you let in will influence you greatly and will inevitably change you and so if I see a person with qualities I don’t like, I automatically know that I will not be letting this person in.
4.      I believe that I know who I am (in Christ that is). I believe that ‘out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks…’ so I make sure that I take whatever I hear from people seriously no matter what they say to the contrary. The words they speak is who they are. What does this say about me? I am careful about the words that I speak because it is speaking about me and either building or breaking me.
5.       I forgive easily. I am also a pretty strong willed person even though my mien or voice does not usually show but I am strong on the inside, this only because I have Him living in me.
6.      I laugh easily if I trust you. I tell really hilarious jokes if I trust you and I tease  a lot. But if I don’t trust you, you become the catalyst to make me ‘mute’ outwardly anyway because I am usually thinking, talking in my head a mile a minute and I am constantly making back up plans upon back up plans.
7.       My life is defined by the word of God. I am spirit, soul and body committed to ‘Jesus’ and I find my identity in Him every second every minute everyday.


Now I need to contact these folks and let them know I think they are stylish and versatile. I love you my blogfam!

What I haven’t done: i will back sha!

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  1. "But if I don’t trust you, you become the catalyst to make me ‘mute’ outwardly..."

    Wow, I thought it was just me...people can make me 'mute' outwardly when I'm not certain of their honesty. It's not that I might not have so much of me to give...it's just weird.

    Nice List...

  2. we have a lot in common, i know how to do the outward mute too, and i know how to tease mercilessly if i like a person good and i trust them.

  3. @ Jaycee
    Nope. There are people like you on earth. But i have God to increase my capacity to love for my sake.

    @Fantasy queen
    Yay! So i am not so terribly weird then. This is me sha and i am not changing for anyone.

    Yeah! Thanks for dropping by!

  4. We share a lot in common too, esp in making friends, it's not so easy.

  5. @ Myne
    Its not easy. I am yet to read your seven things, let me check.

  6. @BSNC
    I enjoyed writing it...
    Good to hear from you

  7. I found your blog through Kafo's and through Jayce's blog(s). I enjoy your writings. I'll be checking back to gorge some more...

  8. Tisha,

    You are very aware of who you are. I am too. sounds as if you are introspective. Me too. My last boss told me that that's what she admired in me. So I guess it's a good thing :) We have the capability to step back and look inside of us...to get beyond a problem or situation - or see how we might have contributed to the conflict or circumstance. I think - by what you've shared - I would love to be called your friend.

    Just stopped by to say hey and send you blessings for a good week.

    patrina <")>><

  9. @Mak
    I am so haapy you loved them. I love it when people love my writing. I have been to 'yours' and i love your blog.

    " Patrina's pencil...
    Can i call you patty? I have missed you so and your godly advice, you know how to sooth away my concerns.
    I had the privilege of being tutored in the word of God by a very spirit filled young man who was my pastor. I still hear his words before i make major descisions. He was not my friend; but he was my brother and advisor and the two years i spent under him built the foundation of my Christianity. It was from him i learnt to wait for the guidiance of the spirit of God before doing anything.

    I would be glad to be called your friend.
    Hi, i will come by yours soon.

  10. haha "can I call you Patty?"... dear, as a friend, you can call me anything you want :) You always make my heart sing. Thank you for your warm response.

    How blessed you are to have had such a mentoring pastor. That wasn't by accident - God led you to that season in time for His specific purpose in you. God knows exactly what we need - His Holy Spirit leads - for sure - if we have the eyes and ears to discern.

    Hugs to you today, dear friend...I'm not blogging as often these days - I'm in transition - but I will be with you in thot and prayer. Please so the same for me.

    Patrina <")>><

  11. I thought I put a comment here days ago...
    I can relate to the friendship issue, I get easily committed too, and I am learning to make some adjustments.

    God is at work in ALL our lives
    Anyway, how have you been?

  12. Hi olufunke, good to see you here.
    Yeah He is at work in my life too!

  13. Tisha, I am actually just seeing this. Forgive me for not coming on your blog for sometime. I like the second to the last point on things about you and also the fact that you forgive easily. It's still something I am trying to learn.

    Thanks for the tag :)

    God bless you, Sis.

    - LDP


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