Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Gracious! This is who i am

My God is gracious and mercy
Jesus was full of grace and truth

I call myself gracious and full of truth...
- Tisha

This is February and i am so so good. I feel so so good. Faith is a good feeling (Correction, faith is not a feeling, it is simply the word of God, the more sure word of prophecy). This is a month in which i have grown a little again and i know that God. This is the month of love but my year is a year of February's in context only. lol!

A friend on blogger recently said this: He name is Patrina and she is an awesome role model, some days when i am at odds with myself, i go to her blog to learn and just read and understand from someone who loves God and is just different i guess. I would like to grow up and live the kind of life she lives. She comes across as someone who is kind and tenderhearted. I never want to have a hard heart that is difficult for the seed of His word to grow in.
"Do we light up the darkness when we walk into a room -just by His Presence in us?"

I have lit up the darkness in the different places i have been to but that has only been as a result of knowing who i am all the time and consciously deciding to do the word instead of 'my own'

Yes i am going to talk about 'love'. I am walking in love again and i hope it remains so for a very long time. All the stupid little habits i picked up along the way, i am up-rooting. I can hear the voice of my leader saying 'Your habits can't go with you to where God wants to take you to, you must be willing to let some habits go that are not beneficial to you...'

So I am not sure what i will be doing on that day but i am walking in love and growing and increasing in what God has called me for an soon i will be getting to destiny. 'Wink'

I am back to "Be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to wrath..."


  1. Funny thing you talk about love. Anything i come to your blog, i love listening to "song of love by rebecca st james. Its a beautiful song like you post today : )

  2. pure love .... 1cor 13 kinda love ...

  3. Walking in love has been my bbm status for the whole year.....trying to do the same

  4. @BSNC
    Thanks for the compliment. Confirmed the post is beautiful. Thanks again!

    But not the bug, real love the kind that is needed to sustain human love.

    Yeah, 1 Cor 13:1-8. I heart pure love.

    I hope i can continue walking in love all through the year.

  5. I just like this post. I hope I can maintain it too myself..

  6. I am also blessed by the words "Your habits can't go with you to where God wants to take you to, you must be willing to let some habits go that are not beneficial to you..."

    Thank God for the opportunity to walk in love again...Happy New Year!

  7. @Myne
    Working hard at it.

    I am getting rid of them habits fast and i refuse to be frustrated because habits don't go as easy as they came.

  8. Oh dear Tisha - you have blown me away by your gracious comments. 'ME' ??? a role model? Well, I'm old enough to be a role model :) It is a true responsibility to know that I'm out there - actually making such a spiritual impact on such a dear soul as yourself. I am so honored to be included in your circle of 'friends'.

    YOU are GRACIOUS and full of TRUTH. Yes you are. Gracious describes you well. (as far as I can tell - just getting to know you) But I know that you know yourself pretty well.

    just wanted to say thank you for the mention - and the 'role model' thing. I just pray that I get out of the way so to allow the Lord to speak His words through me. If there is anything in me that speaks of wisdom - it is Him and Him alone. remember that, my dear Tisha.

    piece of wisdom for you today:

    a quote that came to my inbox this week by Patricia King. As you know, life is a process. We can't skip the steps - or ignore His platform for our lives...the process is part of the transformation - the metamorphosis - into His "NOW" for our lives.

    this is what Patricia said:

    "Liquefied and Disintegrated"

    "During the transition in the cocoon, the caterpillar literally liquefies. I have heard that everything about its old nature dissolves and all that is left are its eyes. This liquefied form with eyes is truly at the mercy of God for it cannot stop or reverse the process and neither can it accelerate it. In the cocoon, the old disintegrates and the new takes form and shape. When the process is complete, it breaks out of the cocoon and emerges as a beautiful creature symbolizing freedom and new life."
    ~ Patricia King

    ...the part that really struck me was the EYES...

    "This liquefied form with eyes is truly at the mercy of God for it cannot stop or reverse the process and neither can it accelerate it."

    YOU HAVE BEEN CALLED OUT OF THE DARKNESS INTO HIS GLORIOUS LIGHT! May He open your spiritual EYES so WIDE - that you see more and more of HIS LOVE...and less and less of you.

    Praise God for His Glorious - GRACIOUS LIGHT in you.

    love you warrior bride
    patrina <")>><

  9. @Patrina
    This is such a blessing. Your insight is amazing!

    I cannot slow down or fasten the process, the much i can do is enjoy the process till i become a butterfly.

    And 'amen'. I pray my spiritual eyes are opened so wide that i see more and more of His love and less and less of me. Thanks again.


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