Thursday, March 3, 2011

Yippee I am a faith dame!

 I am a faith dame. 
How ? 
I simply asked, i went over to their site and i loved what they were doing and so i asked and the lovely maidofheart was courteous enough to oblige me.

The Faith Dame Blog

What's going on these days?
I am coasting
I am remembering what matters
I am 'white balancing' daily with the word
pretty radical about it.

My faith got recent hits but i know God is real and nothing can ever change that fact. The one single thing that distinguishes my Christian walk is the Holy Ghost. He makes me.

I am by no means perfect. I can go on and on and because of that, it appears i am saying i am perfect. No way! I am by no means perfect simply saved by grace. It makes the difference because there is nothing to boast about, i simply accepted a gift.

Best phrase this week: Faith is not a feeling
You will never feel saved
or healed
or rich

You'll just have to know it is your covenant right because Christ willed it so, shalom!


  1. When you say you are a faith dame does it mean that you want to be like ladies in the bible like mary magdalene?

  2. It means that i am a woman of faith. Mary Magdalene is a woman i admire in the bible. Do you have a problem with her?

  3. haha absolutedly not. Its just a question calm down. I think she is wonderful as well : )

  4. Great words here... >>>Faith is not a feeling

  5. @BSNC
    Lol, its easy to get my hackles up...
    I like her, love her actually.

    True, i am a living testimony that faith is not a feeling.


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