Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Thots in May...

This is what life is…
I went to camp and I moved up or ‘I levelled up’ like my brother is always saying: Christians need to ‘level up’ but they ‘be’ always playing games with the Lord.

I never ever play games, I know who my daddy is, he don’t serve my Father and I learnt from him that when you play games, the devil is pleased with you, he will beat you black and blue like you are in a boxing ring. In the spiritual realm, there are rules or principles and if you are not obeying them, you will be powerless. You need to decide what is more important, the world system or the Kingdom!

I bless for my gathering in college, there is this song we used to sing:
“Unto me is given to KNOW the keys of the kingdom of the Lord” (repeated a gazillion times; we used to sing it for hours and I never got tired)

Today I’m talking about the devil, the enemy, the one who has existed for centuries, his power or rather his lack of power, his boundaries and the way to deal with him. I want to keep it simple; so I speak, no write of Abraham, he was counted righteous but he died and went to hell, rather a compartment in hell.
My mind goes to all them righteous by faith Isaac, Jacob, Job, Rahab, David, Isaiah, Deborah, Gideon, Moses, Caleb, Joshua, and all who had pleased God for they qualified for the hall of faith in Hebrews 11.
They died and went to hell to wait for the promise.

He (Jesus) arrived and lived and died on the cross as God planned, for he came to the world for the sole reason of dying for the sins of the world and atoning so that God would have justice against sin. 
And when he died, I believe the devil must have been pleased (the way we feel sometimes when someone we perceive to be our enemy has ill luck, it almost feels like revenge, I say it’s not godly.
Max Lucado says the angels must have paused before allowing him to die because ‘What If God died and got trapped in hell’ (because Jesus was God in a human form)
The enemy was smart but not smart enough!
There was one hitch
The wages of sin is death! Right Yes!
But Christ had lived on the earth without sin and so legally the enemy could not hold him bound.
Since he had no sin, the devil, utilizing the weapon of death had no legal right to hold Christ in the grave.
And so he rose again

Galatians tell us that we are Christ’s (Gal 3:29)
And in a covenant there is an exchange of characteristics, we inherit what is Christ and he takes what is ours.
And if we be Christ then death, sin, sickness, defeat, failure, depression, anger, malice, bitterness, unforgiveness and every other negative emotion; they have no legal right to remain in me/ the believer.
If you are a NEW CREATION
Do you know that if you have Christ, if you have confessed Him as Lord, you are a new creation.
Has it sunk into your heart?
The enemy, the devil has no legal right over you
Nothing that is his is binding on you
It is at this point a religionist will talk about sin and preach for hours about sin and hell and whatnot.

1 John 1:9 settles sin

I don’t care I you have to ask for forgiveness a billion times
You will just need to believe that where sin abounds, grace abounds much more
I am not God’s accountant; I don’t hold a hammer over your head to accuse you of using too much ‘grace’.
(because without grace, you will lack the courage to walk in dominion)
Do you know who you are?
You are Christ’s
You have been bought with a price and so you don’t belong to the devil any longer.
He has no legal right to hold you bound in sin, sickness, death, anger, whatever!
The wages of sin is death, yes!

Breaking News: You couldn’t pay it and you still can’t but JESUS CHRIST paid it ALL.

And anytime I watch a Christ movie and I see the stripes on Jesus’ back
I make up my mind that “I will never be sick another day, or broke or walk in anger, unbelief and a host o other things as they come to mind
Do you hear me?
The debt has been PAID.
He (the devil) does not have a legal right over the believer (NEW CREATION)
Christ has paid it all so you better reap the benefits.
What do you think?
Do you think Jesus huffed and puffed and when he had huffed and puffed enough, he rose up from the dead?
No way!
It was like it was with Lazarus; he just knew what to do
He knew God was TRUSTWORTHY
He knew he would rise again, the same way he knew water would change to wine.

I love the way Jesus walked with God
He applied the ‘Kingdom Principle’ without effort
What am I saying? It is not about your effort or hard work
This is exactly the way I want to walk
My college pastor says: “Whatever you are looking for is inside you
And I believe this is inside me too.
Not inside my body silly!
Inside my spirit, that’s the real me anyways
I can remember learning by rote: “I am a spirit that has a soul and lives in a body
I can remember my ‘P’ saying you need to teach your spirit because it rules.
Teach your spirit the word of God
I remember, “Them who are led by the spirit of God are the sons of God
I said it so much; I don’t have to declare it any longer
I believe it so much I can recite it in my sleep
I know I am led by the spirit of God and I love the Holy Ghost; he’s so so awesome.

I laugh when I see people trying to operate kingdom principles with common sense, ‘KORO MIND’
Who do you think you are playing with?
Your human wisdom, the devil has seen a million times with other humans smarter than you over the centuries so you can imagine how amused he is when you try a card he’s seen one too many times.
The wisdom of God on the other hand, when you apply it, he’s confused because he never knows what God is up to!
Like who heard of a Father sending his son to die on a cross?
It is totally gross and it sure doesn’t make sense.
But that is the wisdom of God
The foolish things confound the wise…

That’s it I think, the post is already too long
I’ll be back soon anyways

Gal 5:22 But the fruit of the spirit is love, joy, peace, long-suffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance: against such there is no law

Gathering fruits and yes they are in my spirit too no matter how everything seems. I plan to be walking in the spirit and putting my flesh under because I got to be walking in dominion everyday.
No one knows like my spirit how much power is about to be released and there will be no drama either, it will be like a normal day, every other day but there will be nothing ordinary about it.
(Lol! I bet the day Christ died, to an average person, the day must have dawned like every other day but nothing about that day was ordinary)

I am not called to an ordinary life but to a super-abundant, supernatural, extraordinary life.

Eternal Life: Rejuvenating, self-sustaining life.

God is the source
Have you ever imagined his source? He’s self existing. Don’t care anyways, just happy he is my source.

Wrote 4 pages in my journal but typed it is three pages.
This is way crazy but thanks anyways.
If you think I am crazy, I don’t mind. I know who I am!   


  1. Interesting thoughts and lots of truth too. Thanks for sharing.

  2. wooo, long bost. But ture. You seem very excited bout your salvation

  3. @Myne
    I needed to remember
    I was feeling suffocated

    really long, its been a while but i am still excited about it.

  4. Thanks myne
    Yeah, it is truth...


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