Thursday, June 2, 2011

Words freak!

It's not surprising, i was reading my readers in one day by the age of 6 so my love for words is not new. I love poems and I am stealing (lol) this from a s/he called Lee La Poeta I saw it on Facebook and it spiked up my imagination.

I do not know how I stumbled upon it
I am yet to discover what it was
Was it those eyes?

intriguing darks swimming in ocean whites?
or was it the goofy lopsided smile,
revealing perfectly shaped whites?
Perhaps it was the way those neat khaki pants,
Groped and majestically carved your rear
And made me look away in fear of evil thoughts

Could it be the way you made black look so sleek?
Or was it your laughter, short and precise?
No. maybe it was your voice, almost flawless, melodious.

Surely it must have been your skin,
Smooth, even, chocolate,
Neither light nor dark
Or maybe it was your aura, sweet, perceptive, open.
Could be your sense of humor!
the way you weaved your stories.
What was it now? 

It could not have been your annoying questions,
Do you have this or that? Can you drive?
Why is your bra this color? Do you drink?
I think it was your hands, soft, gentle in a weird way.
It was the way you could be cocky and still unsure.
It was how you knew almost everything about everything
It was how hard you worked and how lazy you are

It was how you combined aloofness with friendship
It was gullibility and intelligence mixed
It was youth and maturity
It was how you are unafraid of yourself,

That scared me.

It is definitely your scent, exotic and rare.
And your stare,
That sketched, even etched you right there.

(Lol, I liked it and I thought I’d share) 

Today (on that day) I miss my friends, not that I would have the time to spend with them even if they were here (one of the disadvantages of being grown up). What I miss is the times we had together just hanging out, I cherish those times. I miss those times!
This poem describes almost every friend I have had from kindergarten till now, it even describes me too. I have been blessed with great people as friends and I love and appreciate them and I thank God for putting them in my life. Today I appreciate two of my friends who are having their birthday today, happy birthday babes, I love you too much!


  1. Lovely poem.....could be about any dear one

  2. I like the poem too. Like N.I.L says; it spreads across different kinds of people.


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