Thursday, October 13, 2011

I had a rhetorical question, it basically read: Can good come out of evil?

I don't know the answer, i don't care, i just i think! need to vent.
I feel contaminated, kidding! I know who i am, feelings are not reality.

Today i heard this silly rationalization and i had to comment, funny enough she did not get the answer right but i have been warned to stop correcting people, especially when they don't want to know the truth, i held my peace because many times people just want to sound knowledgeable.

When self meets God's will and self prevails, then self has got to be strong enough. I don't want to ever be strong enough for myself. I would lose my way if i had to walk blind. I broke through yesterday.

#Just wondering
It is used on twitter to describe a statement but here i intend to process and describe what i want to say.

It is strange to me, i don't know if it is strange to others but i am talking about me at this moment.

Question: How do you spend 24 hours a day (including sleeping time) expecting evil news, and then out of the blue you expect the goodness of God?

News gong! (just imagine it)
You cannot meditate on evil or wrong or bad things 24 hours a day and produce good, only a good heart produces good and that is determined by the content of that heart.

Bear in mind, you can say all the good things and yet have your heart full of all the wrong things (It is not only a word thing, it is also a heart thing).

It is unhealthy spiritually  for a believer to live that way, key word being BELIEVER.

I don't do anything in half measures. When i decided to follow Jesus, i promised i would do it all the way or I'd walk away #ToBeAFakeBelieverIsUnacceptable.

If i say i am a believer then it means that i believe God's word and all my actions follow through; so i am expecting good every single day.

Feel free to live every single day of your life observing 'lying vanities' i choose not to. That said, Go to hell!

I don't care what you believe, i don't care if you believe or not, all that i care about is that i believe and that God honors my belief in Him and in His goodness. I don't care about anything but that i believe cause that means that i am a believer not a pretender.

If i find out even for one minute that i am pretending, i'll walk away before living a lie.

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