Friday, October 14, 2011

Annoyance is an unpleasant mental state that is characterized by such effects as irritation and distraction from one's conscious thinking. It can lead to emotions such as frustration and anger. The property of being easily annoyed is called petulance, and something which annoys is called a nuisance.

This might have been me if i responded to her provocation...God forbid!
I have made a decision to speak to this lady today because she was obnoxious and totally nasty and i will not take it lying down, i am going to talk to her now. She assaulted me physically in a room full of people and there is no excuse for such behavior especially when i was not begging her for anything. I hate this stupid system, i wonder how she sleeps at night or if she sleeps at night.
If i wanted to be understanding i would say that she is a deeply disturbed woman with so many problems she cannot afford to display courtesy to anyone but i am not in the mood fro being nice. She is very nasty and should just prune out that bad character trait or remain a babe forever.

She's gone home but i am sending a text to her tonight, she is going to have to change her behavior; no one rough handles me and gets away with it. It is certainly not Christ-character in anyway whatsoever and i am not looking the other way. I know she might never change but my growing up life taught me to never let anyone get away with assaulting me physically and she is going to hear it. I am just not going to be a 'hood rat' or an 'isaleko'  gal and fight with her in public.

If she was looking this cool, i may have even obliged her and it might have been a cat fight
but i daresay she is not a worthy adversary... (I just ignored her and walked out and to think that she thinks
she is better than me because she is rude, nasty and is not concerned about giving people their money's worth but
honest, i am just so pissed that she is Christian and she saw nothing wrong with harassing me physically, i am going
to talk with her tonight!)

Some people don't realize that Christians don't abuse other people physically, they don't talk nasty either but most people don't care about keeping God's word they think they are in a country club where everything goes!


  1. I pray God will give you the wisdom to handle the situation. Why would she assault physically though

  2. Hatred, i think!
    Cos i believe every human being should behave reasonably...


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