Monday, February 13, 2012

I love you for real!

I would never have known anything about love
Had i not met Him
Of course i had met other 'hims'
they always had their expectations
but from Him i had acceptance

If i can't shout about redemption
i can shout about His presence

He is a supernatural God o
me i no fit shout
My Abba
I love you
Had i never found You
My life would have been empty

Everyone has their definitions of love
Me, i believe you are love
All the attributes of love can only be done
when i put you first
If not face it"s impossible, loving others the way you do
that is

But then that is what is special about love
its supernatural
i think imma let it all go
tired of living as less than i could be

Love is in me
thus i love like You
I'll love like You
and when i fall short of Your standards
I'll depend on your grace to try it again

cos like it or not
there is no going back
I'm following Christ
I'm following You
so i want to love like You do

Happy Valentines day

As some brother used to always say

"I love you with the love of God"


  1. beautiful poem check out my site and follow if you'd like!!
    My sister in Christ !!

  2. I like this!
    I can so relate to ..."and when i fall short of Your standards
    I'll depend on your grace to try it again'

  3. "I love you with the love of God" . I love this line. Would it fine if i stole this? :)

    Hermes Perfume

  4. @micahealline
    did, its cool!

    i relate too!

    Pls do, i learnt it from someone


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