Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The truth about moi

The truth about me
The ugly truth about me is:
That although i clean up good and am well brought up
Without God, i'm simply UGLY
Not externally but inside
I am pretty much as frail as other humans like me

The difference when i'm really admirable
is that i let the Holy Ghost shine through

and when i don't
there you have it again

What am i saying?
He makes me beautiful
But that is not why i love Him
I love Him because His grace saved me
made me worthwhile
Made me able to give grace also
and to have the patience to see beauty
in others when God gains His position as Lord in their hearts

makes the difference for me

Correction: People don't give Christianity a bad name
that is legalism and religion speaking...
Christianity could never have a bad name, all you have to do
is remember the CROSS, nothing is as awesome as the cross

Guess what?
I don't feel condemned by you because my justification does not come by you
I feel sorry for you being so ignorant as to think that anything in you could
justify you.
Only GRACE does it!

Grace vs Law
I'd still choose grace
Difference is i learnt to give others grace, i started by giving rapists grace
If you have read all of my blog, you must have known how difficult that was
But it helped give me the heart that everyone finds so beautiful now
I had to learn to forgive to even access the heart of God...

Be ravenous to learn about God, it's the only way, stop being a smart ass
He can't work with already filled heads

By the way, i'm dropping the bad habits i picked from you of judging people
and trying to save them in my own strength
You should have figured out by now that it doesn't work, it only produces
hard hearts, only soft hearts can receive the word of God.

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