Tuesday, June 19, 2012

@hartramsey picked on me

I have it in for @hartramsey…
The guy claims to be a pastor, I don’t how true that is but being a pastor is no excuse for lying and thinking you are God. He has got to change his attitude problem, your sheep are in church, not every believer is your sheep and we are not under any obligation to agree with your personal opinion. I believe the word of God, but I sure as heck will not believe that God anointed you so you can go about calling women hoes.
He made a big mistake when he decided to up and call me hoe for no reason other than the fact that I asked that he be decent and mature enough to correct people with the word of God instead of opinion, all that kept coming out of his mouth were insult.
My old friend once told me that the greatest men were the ones who had mastered humility, well @hartramsey has none. Anyone that dares to disagree with his opinion gets blocked and insulted. The insults I will not tolerate. No patience whatsoever, I wonder if he’s ever read Gal 5:22 and if he knows that the believer is not called to obey just the scripture that pleases him but all of God’s love.
He preaches grace but in his attitude and character, he does not know or understand the meaning of that word, I wonder how the women in church cope with his insulting bullying habit. Then he had the temerity to say that I was after the number of followers he had on twitter. That is such neurotic behaviour because if the members of his church are as unloving as him then I am not missing much.
His church may be a business but I am doubly sure that it is not a place of transformation. He’s going to regret insulting me all because of his business of twitter because if you are defending God (and we are not called to defend God) you would not have to insult anyone to accomplish that.
I had the misfortune of trying to explain to his sister @jenellethemodel about her brother’s uncouth behaviour and lack of courtesy towards any kind of woman and she refused to get it. He ought to wash his mouth out with soap any time he insults women maybe that would teach him to bridle his tongue.
“LOL! She is so blocked and forgotten. Lol! Thank God He remembers her b/c I don’t”
I do remember you nigga because your speech talk less of actions are always demeaning and degrading. Who gives you the right to insult a woman you do not know in exactly the same way you insult the women in church in the name of preaching Jesus to them. I know his business (church) is running just fine, next time I ask him the meaning of preaching and thirsty, he should just answer instead of insulting many women in the name of correcting a particular person if that is the way to correct someone you supposedly love. His congregation are in trouble, big one!
She came after me so she can put me on blast to my FEW followers. No loss”
“She came after me with another account”
So to him, it’s a profit and loss statement, he does not realize that he’s dealing with human beings, I for one. God made him a steward and he protects his stewardship by lying on unsuspecting women who ask what he means by insulting women and calling them preachy and thirsty…he can’t explain and so he says I support women hoeing around. In another life, women must have dealt him hard blows because I know it is not my encounter that causes him to hate women always enough to be constantly insulting them.
What I don’t get is how he gets off thinking he has the right to call any woman hoe, who does he think he is?
“Some Nigerian chick counselling me that single sisters who hoe around are just going thru a phase & shouldn’t be admonished”
Now here is what I said:
Here is how it started:
@ctdaviswife: Single ladies its not good to be preachy and thirsty @hartramsey #WifeLife Lol I didn’t get many amens on that 1.
@hartramsey I’m married and it blessed me. Most preachy people are sad, broke and lonely #The deepshallow
Seeing as a married responded to a single quote, I did busy body and responded and said he should use the word of God to address issues instead of the insults he’s used to from the ghetto. He has a loose tongue that insults more than it builds.
I almost regretted having the convo with @hartramsey but I don’t, it helped me understand the kind of person he is and I have unblocked the nigga. I briefly thought about insulting him and calling him dog and dog associations, gigolo, thief and many other names on his twitter page in a bid to be just as immature as he was but I decided it would not be worth it. My suggestion is that he stop calling women hoes and using the word as a weapon against believers.
In the words of the eight year old me, he should go and pick on someone his own size, since we are kids and whatnots in his presence, he should try picking on the devil…

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