Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I wanted to delete the previous post
I have forgotten but i thought it was an offloading of how i was feeling then
I want it recorded
You can't change others
But you can change yourself.

I have decided to walk in love
So just before July begins, i am deciding to walk in joy
and in faith and in love
They are spiritual fruits that should manifest because i have
the Holy Spirit and i have decided to use every opportunity
to grow in these two fruits
God would be well pleased and i would have improved my lot

Yes you guessed it
I have fasting so this wicked flesh is not quite as in control
as it used to be
My spirit is rising up...

Gone before i have really put up anything, yeah
I need a filter so that i don't reveal everything about me
So i can't write too much
I can only whet your appetite a lil'

One thing for sure
I am working on my r/ship with God!

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