Thursday, August 2, 2012

Totally nuts...

All i know for sure is that they are 'nuts'
Today was a lil' day in their meddlings for them

Then in the middle of their story
She warns him to be careful that she is the new mrs B
I don't understand, was he married before?

yeah, i said it
They are absolutely sick
She gave the game away
Of course, instead of him to preach and let God
do the speaking
He planned a little speech about some information
he wants to get across and uses the devotion
as his little tool for transferring info to me

I wish he would just have the guts to speak to me directly
She is a pawn, who cares about her
I hope she enjoys her struggles, i can honestly
say i am glad i am not in your position
Not that i expect that to make her secure
her biggest problem has always been insecurity

What is that saying about money and marriage?
It magnifies what was already there before
Good luck getting on with your life...
Just don't make it about me, i am done with your games
and all the rubbish you want to spend the rest of your life doing
leave me out of your mess, you got in yourself
deal with it.

Meanwhile, i am walking by faith with a vengeance
no apologies to anyone
I don't play politics, will never play it
For me, it silences the Holy Ghost
And without Him, i can't see tomorrow

My pastors (the both of them) told me to keep silent
After this rant, no more talking and showing off
I didn't do anything special to make the Holy Spirit
take an interest in me, other than depending on Him

Nuff said!

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