Friday, August 24, 2012


I wish i had some negative emotion to share
just to watch my blogger page come alive and people scrambling
to advice me, but unfortunately, the negative emotions are gone.

The hurt, the anger, the pride, the fear, they are all gone
In its place is courage and faith.
In their place is the prophecies he sent me long before time.

"Young Lady, have faith in God"

I will have faith, because the Most High God
the creator of the heavens and the earth cared about me
enough to send me word.

My garden, my heart is fine
the sand, the stone, the rocks are gone
My heart is soft to the word of God and the Spirit of God again

I just know that God knows and understands
more than that, He knows what He is doing
I am so sure of the things that He has told me

I have learnt to move beyond the physical mediators on earth
God did not appoint anyone anyways, even Jesus carried our confessions
Jesus does not say to ask Him for anything, He says we should ask the
Father in His name, that wonderful name

Just basking in the love of God

My babushka, my praying grandmother has gone to be with God
I promised myself i wouldn't have any regrets but i already have one
I regret not spending enough time with her and not being caring enough
I never knew she was dying, i had no idea and that hurt me so much

My solace is that she is with God and that i will see her when i go to meet Jesus
some sixty something years from now
She lived till 95 but i thought she would be like her mom
who lived till 120. It was not to be, my grandma had only one child
but she affected so many and they said, we must all wait for them to gather
from around the world to come and honour her.

You know: everyday i make my own plans, but God has His way with me
I have learned that in my life, God is the welcome interrupter
so no matter how many plans i make, i know He'll butt in to direct me
on to the right path.

that's it

Good news: i am writing like a locomotive
coined from my childhood phrase: "smoking like a locomotive"


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