Friday, October 5, 2012

Honorable men...

I love men
Contrary to popular beliefs
I love responsible men (qualified)
I love men of vision and power
men who can see where they are going to.

I love men who can respect women
all the time
I love men who can take responsibility
Who have a home and prepare for marriage

I am preparing for marriage
I haven't picked a man yet, Too busy naming
but i am preparing
So a man who wants to find a woman before
he prepares is a joker

I love men
Courageous men

Unfaithful me, flirty men, rude men are a turn off
Disrespectful men, gossipy men they are a turn off
men who cheat in their business or other dealing are
a turn off
men who lie are a turn off

A minister @hartramsey said all men lie
He nearly caused me to backslid because he
implied that the new creation still lied
that all of the power of the blood of Jesus could not
stop a new creation man from lying

I almost asked if he knew the Jesus he was talking about
or he had created another one for his vocation

i don't hate men
i just don't approve of men who have not
discovered their purpose in God



  1. I like this, very clear and direct. I know there're men like that out there.

  2. sometimes...just sometimes...don't you think its the woman who might help the man discover his purpose in God? just wondering.

  3. @Mynewhitman
    I have met some, many are already married though. I have faith that God has a man of honor reserved for me. I don't want Ismael o, i'd just be miserable settling for Ishmael. If i have faith that tomorrow will be better than today. Then i can have faith for Jacob (the promise) so long as i remain in faith

    I don't want to help any man discover his purpose in God. I am a 'baby' in many things, at least I can admit that to myself. I need a man, a mature man. I am smart in books but in things of the world, i am a late bloomer. Getting someone who is not already there would be a disaster.


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