Tuesday, February 19, 2013


We play with kingdom matters a lot.
It is weird when you stand up and play games with children of God
In the name of Jesus.

It is so so wrong.
I am not one to judge but it beats my imagination
when someone will talk to another online under aliases
trying to do what, kidnap, set up
I just think that it beats my imagination

It is just amazing to me
I cannot understand why something like this will be going on in the kingdom
I am sure the angels are amazed also
because they check between our words and actions.

I am just being led by God's Spirit everyday

God is going to finish what He started
I trust in His goodness
I trust that the enemy will be caught in his craftiness
along with all his cohorts

I put my trust in the living God, He is my guide and protection
my way maker and the lover of my soul.

because of His unfailing love for me, He will stand to defend me
and put my adversaries to shame.
I just put my eyes on Him and thank Him daily for His mercy
is mind-blowing!

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