Friday, February 15, 2013

Secret of my life

I don't let any negative word land without giving a response from my spirit.

Who is my spirit sef?

2 Corinthians 5:17
If any man be in Christ, He is a new creation, old things have passed away and everything is made new.

I have been made new and the new things are of God, so where is the destroyed motherboard, you wish. I laugh in tongues. I have been made new. I know a lot of people have issues in marriage but that is to be expected. You sought through your issues. But the issues get irreconcilable when you don't have the Holy Ghost permission to go ahead and you do so. people think it is a joke when they are asked to grow in the lord, they think i don't have any issues so i shouldn't have to pray.

Praying keeps you sensitive to God and to the Holy Spirit. The most powerful thing you can ever do for your new man is to surrender to the lordship of the word, of the Holy Spirit and of love.

We skip the practical classes and play lip service to God, pleasing the people we can see with our human eye and displeasing the One who saved us just because we cannot see Him with the human eye.

"We Win" abi. But in their thought patterns they expect me to fail in marriage. Does 'we win' not apply to marriage also. All I know is that I am whole and complete in Christ Jesus.

Yes I was raped. But when I got born again, I became a new man and nowhere in the bible does it say that I must be counseled by anyone. That I got here today ought to let them know that I got help and I am not in the business of taking counseling from people who think it might be 50/50. The word of God works for me always.

scriptures say "...and your children will be taught of God" 

Holy Spirit, I thank you because you can teach me the phronesis I need for every stage of my life, I never walk alone because I have a Father who cares and who guides my path and doesn't see me as a project that may fail/succeed. he created me with the idea of victory in mind and He equipped me for everything that would come my way so that I have no excuse to fail in this life.

There is Zoe in my spirit and that zoe is active.

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