Thursday, February 14, 2013

Love Day....

I was thinking of a more creative title but I couldn't come up with any. Why am I blogging today? Is it because I don't have anything to complain about anymore. Nope I was just thinking of the heroes of faith like Mary, Hannah and Elizabeth and how they dealt with their naysayers. Do you know that Elizabeth's naysayer was the closest one to her. \I don't know who her encourager was but that Mary came to her at 6 months. The announcement wasn't even made to her, it was made to the naysayer who was then struck dumb.

Let me quote one of my midwives:
"You're looking at the natural... conduct yourself as a daughter of the King at all times"

Imma do this, before she told me this, she asked me to distance myself from any kind of drama and pray for clarity. There is something to fight for obviously but I aint fighting because the battle is the Lord's, He knows what He wants to do and will accomplish His purpose. It is my responsibility to not be distracted so that I know how to obey Him at all times.

God loves me. He loves you too. You should focus on this. Happy Vals Day

Learn to tap into the supernatural and understand that you don't operate from the natural as a born again child of God, your spirit is alive and you can operate beyond the natural to the supernatural and that even though people may not understand you, you will be doing what please your Father. This is the narrow way!

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