Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Unseen hands...

I believe the invisible
I receive the impossible

My faith is a huge path of my life
How do I exercise my faith in everyday life?

Its a choice
It is better not to leave it to chance
My pastor says, que sera sera is not for believers
You can always change things.

How to ignore the voice of the people saying no and believe God?
They have never said yes anyway
But God has never asked their permission to do you good before
he won't start now.

They will never believe in you
Part of it is jealousy, envy and just plain human nature
Another part is a doubt of the supernatural
and a trust in negative testimonies above the good testimonies
But you can't let them stop you.

Let your spirit receive God's word and rise like the eagles
Look at the mere men and pray for them
BUT operate like a God on this earth because you are not like the rest of the world
You were born to soar
God is holding your hands and He won't let go
Stay with what He's said
Believe only the word of God
Doubt every negative testimony no matter how holy the lips you hear
them from are.

When the enemy wants to bring doubts, he brings it from those who think they
are so close to you that you will take their word above the word of God
Give God first place
The kingdom of darkness is terrified of you
because you stand as Christ
Maintain your position
God is doing something and He has deployed every thing you need to win
Focus so that you would always see what He has prepared
You never lack and you cannot be disadvantaged
Those that are for you are more than those against you
Trust the Holy Ghost
He is here to help you, your legal advocate fighting your enemies on your behalf
your helper, leading your feet in the path that they should go

Keep your eyes of faith open and seeing
Do not judge after the seeing of your eyes and the hearing of your ears
God is for you!

Ignore unbelievers
You are set apart, mine; to be used to bring me glory
Keep on your whole armour
The fight is fixed in your favour always!

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