Friday, June 21, 2013


People talk about having faith all the time
But the truth is that there is no expression of faith if you don't see a challenge.

I can be sarcastic:

I can imagine Joshua in his backyard saying: O Lord, stop the sun for the Israelites just so we can see the wonders.
Or Jael imagining driving a nail into the enemy general's head only in her dreams
Or David telling his friends how when he sees a giant he'll kill it but all the same giving in without so much as even thinking of a way out.
Or Joseph finding every which way to cut a corner and make a buck instead of maintaining integrity in the name of that is how it is done.
Or Mary saying: Lord when they start asking, I will tell them that Joseph and I made out because honestly there has got to be a way the spermatozoa got into my vagina
Or Elizabeth saying, I will just have my maid give birth to the child so that no one says that God isn't good

The truth about eternal life is that God does not need your intellect or your experience to do what He wants to & if your mind is always on your intellect or your experience you will never see the supernatural God. You have got to take some risks, some are easy, some are difficult but when you do whatever is your act of faith; God is waiting on the other side with His grace to marvel you.

I mean, Abraham could not have received God's promise while still in Haran and even when Christ hadn't yet come, he had to believe that God would make his descendants, Beloved, we can't be satisfied with religion if we want to believe God for the supernatural, except we just want to live as normal and just tell lies on Sunday and Wednesday to prove to the world that God is powerful. We believe Him with our words but not with our actions, we sneak as Nicodemus and change our beliefs in the night seasons to doubt.

We can't speak truth (God's word) in the morning, speak lies in the evening and expect to receive the inheritance of saints.
Some of our mordern day saints would not have been beheaded like John the Baptist, neither would they have gone to the cross like Jesus
But I guess then, that is a reason to thank God that Jesus is real.

I just pray that God would go beyond the yellow lady's numerous doubts (I mean, why did she bother to pray if she doesn't believe that God would answer) and heal the child in Jesus name, amen!

I am thoroughly pissed
Faith is responding to God's word
It is also choosing to believe God even when things seems the toughest
At times like that, real believers who believe in the veracity of the cross depend on God's faithfulness, He does want to do good. Learn to stand for more than 15 minutes and more than a couple of hours.

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