Tuesday, July 2, 2013


A powerful woman
A blessed child of God knows what it is to focus
and to love
to walk in love
Human love is the simplest thing on the planet

A powerful woman
A blessed woman is surrendered to the Holy Ghost
in all things
and so is able to focus
even when the enemy wants to distract her

The enemy wants one thing
He pretends to be going for another
It is wisdom to see the enemy and to focus on
the direction that the Holy Ghost is leading you to.

I had a lot of drama in the office lately
I work in church so usually when drama happens
The enemy is trying to stop the counsel of God
and since he can't do it without a body
he looks out for available bodies

he uses their needs, desires and wants to fulfil his own will
My prayer is that I am always surrendered to the will of God
at all times that I am led by God's spirit always
never operating as an ordinary human being
always operating beyond the natural

Operating in the supernatural always
and ever holding God to His word
Cos He's faithful
and I win because i always remain standing
never seating.

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