Monday, September 22, 2008

okay it makes me sound like...

okay it makes me sound like a kid but what can i say? seems like i am sending mixed messages, well its not my fault. he actually ate my candy and then licked his fore finger, was that supposed to turn me on or what? when we are supposed to be just friends or was he checking to see if i would respond to him sexually, or he was just trying to get into my mind? Whatever, i think i enjoy the chase more than being caught, cos i am not looking forward to getting caught. i am upset that i am not getting the consistent attention i am used to and yet i am a little relieved. something inside me wants to ask what is wrong with me being friends with the guy? why is it that other girls get to be friends with the guy and i get to be the on that he has a thing for. i think i was more comfortable when i thought he was just being friendly. not just him. we all meet a guy and i am the one that the guy is interested in or hostile to. they just don't want to be my friends. they either want to date me or hate my guts. maybe its me. maybe i give off unconscious date-me signals and other girls give off be-my-friend signals i would so love to learn how to give off give-my-friend signals or else. now everything is awkward, exactly what i was avoiding. what can i do? i have made up my mind within this past few days, since he does not want to be friends, enemies it is. if he asks me out, i'll say no. why? cos i don't want to date him that's why! i am missing out on friendship with him all cos he's so selfish and wants to ask me out before he knows me. i'll still say no anyways cos i can't afford to date anyone right now. Emotionally, i can't handle it. all the stress of being in a r/ship. its a full-time job. i should know cos i have been in one. why is everyone different from me, they seem to have the best of the guy-world. too bad. i am me and i have to come to terms with it. check this. it just came to me, i am scared of being a nympho, that if a guy i really like touches me, i won't be able to resist and i am christian and i would much rather pls a God who lifted me from the depths of despair than pls myself. la la that's it.


  1. I guess what got me about this was the sincerity in your tone. How about just telling him u just want to be friends and I bet if u come across the way u have in your post he won't only believe u but respect u. I bet every girl of age has felt like this at some stage so please know it's not tisha specific. You will meet someone who's interested in getting to know u for u... Finally... Nymphomania is an illness of the mind one I'm sure u could never have. LOL. I'll definitely be back here.

  2. hmmn...sincerely I do no envy your position right now...dang...well what can I say...I am not tooo far from where you are...

  3. lol @ learning to give off signals.
    Don't know what to tell you as a guy. Let the dude know it's either friends or enemies. He might not like it but it's your body and your emotions, you get to choose who gets it.

  4. Babes, just incase u've not been told- most men do not comprehend the conceot of being friends with a babe. According to them- that's not possible.

    Asper pleasing God- my suggestion- date guys that have same views as you. There are good guys out there......I hope. :)

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  6. I also loved the sincerity..

    Its unfortunate that u'v met the wrong guys..there are actually some out there who dnt necessarily want to get in ur panties..

    Just dnt sweat it, things always have a way of fallin into place..

  7. I loved the last paragraph...

    You are you. And you are different from everyone else. You are special, and when the right time will know.

  8. @adeadeyemi
    Thanks, it was the way i felt at the moment.
    lolwhat are you going to do?
    you know the way it is with gals, you must do something to get noticed or what
    i have heard. i just want to naively think it is possible cos u know some people believe its possible and if it were, won't it be fun?
    @ wellsbaba
    still think u shld speak for yourself sha!

  9. @ butter cup and jaycee

    you guys ur comments lifted me thanks a lot


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