Tuesday, September 2, 2008

New day, New characters

been betrayed by a colleague. i did not cry just upset that grownups don't care about lies there's this chic ass#1 lets call her Seti, she gets into a fight over any little thing. cross her and she'll fight you and then lie behind your back. she's married and i am sorry for the sorry ass she's married to, he must have to hide on hi roof pretty often to get away from her nagging. ass#2 lets call her Rachel. she's 36, claims she's 32, browbeats some guy into hooking up, they will hopefully be tying the knot next summer or she'll have a nervous breakdown. i wonder if she'll be really happy cos she just wants a ring on her index finger ( that's the marriage finger right!) well these two ladies from the old maids club are in about their mid thirties though one of them is married now, well they both claim they have never failed, when they told me i snorted under my breathe cos i mean, they slack off on work every now and then and have unending excuses for why they can't be at work. i mean if you are an ace students you can't have changed much, you gotta be efficient and all that. i mean they are a total zero when it comes to brain work. except you want to count ameboism. they gossip till they drop from the CEO to the cleaner, they have endless topics. they fight a lot too, i guess they must have gone to technical schools though they claim otherwise. when it comes to truth or loyalty, that word does not exist in their dictionary, they will lie ate the drop of a hat. there's a gorgeous hunk in my office who's into me. i so did not like me until rachel and seti began bitching at me. it sounds so cliche but i think they are jealous. he's a major in flirting. he's an ok guy but he does not set me on fire or any dramatic thing like that. he's cute and all that but i am just not into dating. he's not said anything yet but his eyes speak sister, you are crazy, his eyes speak? whatever! will blog soon


  1. i cant stand gossips n know-it-alls..gosh!

    i think the index finger is the finger next to the thumb..lol..

  2. lol and lol at buttercup as well. i think they call that one the ring finger.

  3. Eww they sound like major bishes

    I know some pple who know some pple...lol

    oya we waiting for the jist esp about d coot gai.

  4. Not into dating?.... now that's interesting..

    Thanks for dropping by...actually, my friend did suggest that i get a room.. ;-)

  5. @buttercup
    its major upheaval this month
    what can't i do?
    i have to suck it up and
    pretend betrayal doesn't hurt.
    i just wish them the same.

    @ funkola
    ring finger uh

    they are major bishes
    even though i hate that word

    @ enigma
    yeah, not into dating
    like fine boys though
    u have a nice blog
    forgot to mention


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