Monday, October 6, 2008

A terrible jam!

things at the office are really bad! i was just playing when i started this thing with naija denzel then the devil's spawn's in my office (i say that because they are many) now went and made it serious and you know me with my attitude and now the stupid boy i call naijadenzel is carrying face, can you imagine? it upset me so bad. who does the psycho think he is? i am really angry and you know me lacking any diplomacy, i kept falling into the traps of the stupid devil's spawn chics in ma office. The first two, you'll remember them from my "the two asses" post tried to make me jealous and then the leader of the devil's spawn then started going home with him everyday like i'd be jealous. i just gave her time to get tired sha because she's dating someone else and as fine as naijadenzel thinks he is; he's just not that eligible. they are all trying to put me on the spot. sorry about this paranoid shit but this is exactly how i feel right now. They do not realize that if i feel like i am going to break down, i pull in al my reserves and my walls start going up real high and they just will not be able to reach me no matter how much they want to (the bad thing is that the ones who want to help can't reach me just like the ones who want to hurt me). i have never come across jealous binches like them and i am sure they are spreading rumours about me. anything to get the stupid boy who i don't even want away from me. i have been upset for about 2 months. i forgive them but i will never forgive them for ruining my birthday month then they have the guts to carry more gossip that i don' forgive. they must not know what i think of them, i think they are total psychos who will never be happy with who they are and what they have. Now because this stupid idiot went and believed the psychos, i was tempted to call in one of my fans who are totally in-love with me and date them for a while so i can hurt the naija denzel but i have decided i am bigger than that and i don't have to hurt someone who likes me as a friend (i hope!) just to show the idiot that he's not "all that" but i guess i am bigger than that and i can take whatever they throw at me and still play cool. Ciao! i feel better already. why do they hate my guts? i could cry but i will not give them the pleasure of breaking down so they would be happy. Love you blogville; those of you that are nice peeps anyway i can't be bothered touse any tact on my blog, this is one place i can be me totally and not act at all. Funny thing is i don't trust anyone, wish i had learnt not to trust a long time ago, am i missing something, so many of you would say but i am also missing all the hurt that could come my way if i do trust. may change my mind but i am fine with where i am right now.


  1. like u said, u r bigger than all that BS. do u thing girl.

  2. forget it all boils down to u....

  3. Na wa o, this office drama steez. Something you should know: you don't have to date anyone to show anyone anything. It's just not worth it and I think you've been upset long enough. 2 months? Let it go. You're the one who seems to be giving them something to gossip about.
    If I'm coming across as insensitive, forgive me o. I'm just telling it that way I see it.

  4. @ funkola
    yeah yeah
    @ invisible
    no you're not i can take it like a woman and thanks for the award.


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