Monday, October 13, 2008

good day... nearly spoilt by negatives.

so... i got shot by this guy i refuse to allow myself insult but can't imagine the pain of trying to control your mouth when it wants to insult someone who has done it wrong it took all of the self-control i have for me to say, "i can control my tongue" still mouthed mockers at him. anyways looking forward to having a breakthrough in my people relationships and looking forward to the day i say yes i can love you for now, i gats to hold on so i bring a complete package to the table can't do love in halves. Watched 'Madea's family reunion' and the sis of the chic who was getting beaten was a reflection of me how i had always been loved maya angelou's play on words she's one talented young lady love that the black folks were not cussing and beating on each other loved that Boris Kodjoe was the handsome hero what i'd do for a Boris Kodjoe to be my one and only not him someone with his looks and a reflection of God's love as his lifestyle. i believe i'll find someone like that abi anything is possible that is what i want. period don't care if folks think its impossible i am in the mood for believing possibilities


  1. keep believing jare. it'll!

  2. anything is possible
    love is certainly possible
    if you open up your heart and also believe

  3. I'm sure you'll 'get there'.
    Work on that mouth like you said though.


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