Wednesday, October 15, 2008

i hereby tag...

For a post let me answer funkola's QUESTION yeah! What would you do if you caught your man/woman cheating (doesn't have to have been while in action, just the knowledge of it is enough)? **i am taking everything into consideration step by step. - if it was just a meaningless shag. i'd let the un-serious dude go, where does he get off doing stuff like that? - if it was a regular occurrence with a particular person. I'd let him go too, he obviously is not on the same wavelength as i - if you both were married. i must have smelt such a crazy trait b4 tying the knot, i might try to work it out. - if you were married without kids. may work it out may not - if you were married with kids. may consider being a single mother, my heart can't take such rubbish. so i hereby tag extraOGD


  1. gotcha! its good to know everyone's p.o.v on dis topic.

  2. It's a beautiful blog you have here.


  3. Taking all things into consideratioon, this is a hard one.

    But its easier to step when there are to kids.

  4. Your answers are as very close to mine. But like Oluwadee said, it is easier to step when there are no kids.


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