Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Honest Blogger Award. Got it?

I am not sure how to start but i'd like to begin by thanking God Then appreciating my family for making me who i am and then all the bloggers on blogville who have ever made my day made me laugh and know i am not alone for real funkola for nice bloggers like www.nigerianframaqueen.blogspot.com annoying wellsbaba who relishes dating underage girls. sweet mz.dee fuuny and dramatic 36inches naughty ineffable water weirdXsN and confusednaijachic whom i wanted to help with her blog for helping abused men and women bu i did not come on blogville on time or make up my mind on time. There's uzezi and tairebabs and mizcynic and naapali the chic he was working on died can you imagine? it was almost like strong medicine a nicer version of ER. there's the peeps who write crazy stuff and theres tara captivating bumight and chairlady chris on aloof and far there's so many people i love on blogville i just want to say you guys are the best and to Invisible love all the interesting bold and courageous (have to take a deep breathe everytime i blog on really personal stuff and pray no one finds out) people on blogville. Thank you for the award will give it out to six other peeps my next post miss 36 (she sounds so much like a friend of mine, it hurts that we could not be close after college but i loved the times we spent together is what matters.


  1. awwww...so nice. I love blogville as well. My escape route. Congratulations on your award. My first time here so am off to disvirgin ur blog!!!

  2. u got that award eons ago, how come u just found out?
    anyways, congratulations miss. and awwww, i feel very special. tons of hugs and kisses xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  3. lool...congrats on the award o...do u wana be on the cast for the Chari and Xsn show?

  4. congrats on the award!! The first of many visits to this blog!!

  5. @ invisible

    thanks for stopping by

    @ funkola
    don't mind me
    sometimes i take two weeks break
    to breathe in the "real world"

    don't mind
    what does it entail?

    thanks a lot
    u r a darl

  6. congratulations on your award gurl.

    I think you really really deserve it.

    I respect you like maaad, you are one baaaad blogger.


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