Friday, October 24, 2008

having a readily stressful week...

have you ever fought attraction b4? it takes all the emotional energy you have and then some. i did not like him like that at first and now i am not sure how i feel. i have a nagging feeling that i am going to get hurt on this one cos i usually don't have my emotions involved. i am scared i don't usually admit i am scared, i have used every tactics i know to discourage me something tells me i am not making enough effort to cos maybe i like him liked him as a friend, never planned to take it further i mean where is the future in starting something that you might not finish i have been hurting for a week and hiding it i'll give it to me i have a strong will but on this one i think i need God I do! (please don't ask me to explain cos i can't, i am sorting myself out and i just can't explain anything) i will be back to blog cos i need to offload somewhere so i don't go crazy or have a nervous breakdown or something.


  1. oh Tisha, feelings can sometimes not be controlled and I think sometimes it is ok to let go and love. The only exception for me is if the other party is married or has commitments that can't be broken, then I put my emotions in a box and kick them out. Easier said than done though. wish you the best.

  2. This is the thing that affects people in your situation, because they are scared of something that happened in a PAST relationship, they don't want to get into a new one.
    Whatever happened was in the PAST!!! Every guy is not the same. Cause it didn't work the last time does not mean you should expect this not to work. If you enter a relationship pessimistic, chances are you won't put enough into it to make it work.
    Like tairebabs, let go and let love.

  3. I know this feeling o... but I think you're being too hard on yourself. Like you said, sorting yourself out is probably the best thing to do now. I wish you all the luck with that. Remember, what is important is that you do whatever makes you happy in the long run


  4. whatever makes me happy, like i know what that is.

    i guess i am happy though.

  5. @tisha
    was i that unsure of myself?
    i feel like i know me


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