Tuesday, November 18, 2008

how do i feel...

i am a little hurt and a little numb the only thing that gives me confidence is that i am sure that God has said it is not him if not i would probably be crying myself to sleep i just know that he is not equipped to cope with ma issues even though he thinks he is i meanwhile have been equipped to be strong after all i am a strong black woman (tear!) sometimes i don't want to be strong i just want to let go and weep but... These are the cards i have been given i must play with the best of me this is who i am in reality! Hate that word. have to go cos i think and know that i can change things.


  1. awwww..

    its ok to let go sometimes, u r human after all..but really do admire ur strength..

    keep trustin in God..He will make it all right in His own time..

  2. Please don't make me cry.

    God is still God and really, you have to be yourself.

  3. Its alright sweetie, you will be just alright, this will definitely pass.

  4. hey hon, first time gracing your pages...this was so heartfelt, sometimes its ok to let go and release it all, u'll feel better...and yes you are a strong black woman and God's there for you!!!

  5. I think we are somewhat i n similar places now. No need to cry babes, God is in control.

  6. hey babes, wasup wit all d mushy stuff, if ur so strong!

    i can bet 1 of my ass cheeks, dem guys aint crying bout u breakin their heart... or wateva u did or didnt do.

    my honest advice?
    GET A GRIP. - life is as simple as u make it.

    u knw wat, i think i'l dedicate a new post to u and others who feel d same way u do.

  7. in the mean time i'l check out ur sympathizers! c wat they're made of. ;-)

  8. Relax, the gloomy cloud will pass for a bright new day!

  9. @teebay
    u mean you'll yap people like me right
    ride on
    when you growup maybe u'll understand
    and strength is not pretend
    sometimes its been honest with urself

    do check out my empathizers
    they are just the best.

  10. hey tish...
    yap u??? c'mon, y would i do sm like dat?
    i luv d fact dat ur cool and open about stuff, its a gud thing.

    sooooo... i wont yap u. (mayb just tease u a bit)

    said sympathizers, not empathizers.

  11. @y'll
    I hated reality until i found out the true meaning of reality.
    I am in God's hands living the life.


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