Wednesday, December 24, 2008

i hate my office right now.

i think my boss is an over-achiever. i got a below average cos i could not get any adverts, all the interviews and my briefs and everything i did throughout the year was discounted like i was a common advertsing executive and not an media assistant and writer cum. what did annoy me was the fact that i felt i worked more than many of my colleagues that had a better appraisal. now what did that do to me? it demotivated me and reduced my love for my work. i am sad and dissappointed in what happened. i am an over-achiever but i like to ba appreciated and if not appreciated then be indifferent to me, what i absolutely cant tolerate is being put down especially when i am doing the best i can and busting my ass to produce results when no one has ever produced the results i did. if i do raise money and ened up doing my work excellently it will be becasue i want to prove that i can and not because of any threats however silent they may be. just got a laptop and so i will be having less stress and will do doing more writing. Thank God. i am about to become a much better writer. have not seen naija denzel in a while and love interest wahala is the last thing on my mind with job stress, i think i am just going to focus on my work for a while and just be friends. i love him, i love him not. i am sure that i like him though but like invisible said i have built walls that i myself cannot get over. so i guess thats it, i mean how do i go about breaking the ice without it seeming like i am giving him a green light to go on and ask me out. well, i think he is all those mature guys that will go like i know what i want and not want to spend time as friends... what am i saying? it sounds like crap, i guess i dont know what i want? end of post, i am going to let go and have lots of fun during christmas.


  1. Luk 4wrd 2 nxt yr u'll do beta, abi no be so?
    And break all those protection ehn.

  2. relax about the job. it will pass. some bosses are just like that. just do your thing, do it well and stand by it.

    as for breaking the ice, at this point, you cant take that wall down brick by brick. you need a sledgehammer to knock it down in bulk. i say step up, break the rules, be unconventional. if its what you want, go for it. so what if you give him the green light?

  3. Have your self a good holiday forget the hustles of the office,,Happy new year.

  4. give me d green liggght..

    love dat song,

    havnt actually read d post, just tot to go with invisible since hes a real smart guy...

    its beautiful to be in love, y shd u miss out??


  5. I feel you on the job issue......been in that situation too......I hate it, I feel I put in so much, but I am not 'seen' in that light. Well, one should keep doing what once knows is right..'lets not be weary of doing good'
    Knowing God sees.....and I am also learning survival tactics in the office too.
    I wish you all the love your heart desires and very soon will be settled.........
    All the best

  6. i can just imagine how pissed u r..just keep up with what u do n ur efforts will be noticed eventually..


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