Monday, April 6, 2009

My new beau!

Invisble will say i am in a rush. i guess i will say same too. i am actually slower than the tortise when it comes to stuffs like this. so i had the chance to blog and i decided to talk about the new guy and it is not a movie. i actually hate that this is not flowing but i guess since i cant transfer it from wh i now blog (irritating right!) on my lap top, you guys will have to make do with this. so i met t this guy and after all the stress i went through this last few weeks, all i wanted was friendship from guys and to the ladies. sorry not accepting applications to be close friends so right now i am on the surface with many people. so opening up to this my friend has not backfired. at least i pray it won't. He's tall, dark and good looking. He is smart, intelligent and interesting and he's also safe, i know i can hurt him easily which is why i have to tread carefully. He asked me how i felt yesterday and i said honestly that i had no deep feelings for him. To me, we were good friends and we could be more as per confiding in one another. he is all those computer guys. The 'funky nerd'. There is a difference btw geeks and nerds: geeks are the ones you would say hi nicely to but never consider dating while the nerds are the ones who are tongue-tied on the outside but speak really well on the inside. Okay so i am not in-love with him and its all good because ii can just generally hang-out and have good clean fun with him if he lets me.
found out something else. a friend of my sister was molested by two of her fathers brothers and b4 you say it was her fault, it was btw the ages of 6-10 years, i don't care whose fault it was, i ust pray the Holy spirit does something for her soon because HE is the only one that can. I used to feel she was so rude now i don't care that she was. thinking about starting a newsletter for helping females like me soon and then females in situations that feel like they wi.ll never get better. It just goes to show that when you know some stuff abt people you understand them better. but if she is rude again, i will kick her butt, not cat fight sha. so waiting to see if my beau will call tonight.
as cynic will say, the games are about to start. where is invisible o. come and become my r/ship adviser. i will keep it on a friendship level till i get to know him well enough but i won't be a baby about this. i don't want to be too fast but i expect to be getting good messages soon.
honest i wrote a nicer one in the morning when it was still fresh from my head, if i get a flash drive i'll add the real one.
miss u guys, i am going blog stalking like funkola. thanks chari for stopping by. How's burra...cup


  1. Awww! Congrats on your new boo. I hope he turns out to be everything you've ever wanted in a man.

  2. lol, blog stalking like me abi? i cant help it when i get d time. i love all these blogs.
    p.s: how tall is dis guy?..just a random curious question.

  3. wow! wish you lots of love and lluck

  4. awww good luck with the new guy... feel so angry hearing about your sister's friend... such a sad story...some men are PIGS! gees so cr

  5. i hope this new beau turns out to be what u want and more..

    sorry to hear about ur sister's friend..its such a shame that abuse cant be stopped..such a damn shame..

    oh, and im fine, thanks for asking! :)

  6. Who knows what will come out of your friendship with the dark and smart guy.

    Can you get the those bastard that molested the girl sued? It's never a girl or woman's fault if she is abused...

  7. Only you can bring me out of hiding, LOL.
    Well I'm glad you've found someone and I'm happy you're taking it stride by stride.
    Just stay open minded, that funky nerd might just be who you've been waiting for.
    I try not to give relationship advices and I don't like receiving them either especially in a public forum.
    Feel free to email me though (you still have my email right?). I just might go Dr Phil on you (can't stand that guy by the way).
    Glad to hear you're doing good. Be easy on your friend. Some folks have scars that don't show on the surface but it itches them so just give her her space.

  8. You go girl..Have fun!

    Sorry about your sister´s understand people better when you know liitle more about them

  9. Shame about the girl who was molested. I think its high time something was done about that issye in Nigeria. Its becoming rampant these days or maybe it had always been.

  10. @vera
    thanks a lot i think. its not anything tight. we are just seeing each other. have not made up my mind yet.

    yep. 5 10' just. you know i am petite right. 5 4'

    yes dearie

    @miss love yes. i don't play the blame game any longer that is when i can help it

  11. @ burracup
    hey howdy, how r u doing, glad u stopped by.

    @stand tall-
    who knows?
    to the second question, are u kidding? they are her fathers brothers and the bill in Nigeria has only been heard thrice, no laws yet. pray the laws come thru soon.

    thanks, i know i can count on you.
    yeah, i'll give her space and pray God gives me an opportunity to speak to her. i'll email you by the way.

    hi girl

    @kay shawn,
    i still believe in Nigeria sha, things will get better soon enough.


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