Monday, April 20, 2009

i dobbed penelope

  • i dobbed this from penelope's blog.
  • the instructions go thus:
  • *Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following questions.
*They have to be real...nothing made up! If the person before you had the same first initial, you must use different answers. *You cannot use any word twice and you can't use your name for the boy/girl name question. * Dont google ur answers. *Make it as interesting and fun as you can.

1. What is your name: Tisha  

2. A four Letter Word: Trip  

3. A boy's Name: troy 

4. A girl's Name: teri  

5. An occupation:Travel agent 

 6. A color: teal  

7. Something you'll wear: tops any color 

9. A food: toast bread (all good still)  

10. Something found in the bathroom: tool kit for makeup and the like (gal y'll know what i am talking about)  

11. A place: Tigris (i don't know the place but i know its exotic and close to Israel)  

12. A reason for being late: Taking time out to gist with my sistas about them boys and their never giving up. (its fun being a gal) 

13. Something you'd shout:! The president of the US always made me shout last year, this year, its getting rhema from God. It comes with a full throated shout and my voice is very tiny o!  

14. A movie title: The Pelican brief  

15. Something you drink: Tantalizing cocktail (i only take it if i have to, i am addicted to fanta)  

16. A musical group: The goo goo dolls  

17. An animal: Tolo tolo (lol)  

18. A street name: Travellers Road, wherever 

19. A type of car: Toyota Camry 2009  

20. The title of a song: Too hot to handle  

So that was really difficult but i heard somewhere that its good to task your brain so ... So thanks invisible for giving me your ear will be mailing you soon. having fun with my beau on the weekends though. i have some questions for you though, will mail you soon.  

To my folks on Blogville i love you guys because i can. My goal for the month is to walk in love and i have had many challenges but i can do all things thru Christ who strengthens me Peace!


  1. Oh my God...Tolo tolo....
    How random

  2. tolo tolo
    i loved the pelican brief!! *mouth open with amazement!* lol
    ..that movie thrilled me when i was younger!!
    n i dnt mind tht u dobbed me. its al gud. lol.:-)

  3. Interesting answers
    I like your number 13 answer
    Good to know you are back on blogger........let me go and check the other posts

    Do you want the 2009 Toyota Camry for a gift ':-)


  4. a color teal!
    i'd say you are pretty good.
    How are you doing?

  5. Patiently waiting. Glad to see you having fun though.

  6. Nice blog! First time here and I think this site is cool.

  7. @ naija babe
    how are you?

    thanks, you are a darling, loved the movie too

    yeah yeah, dont mind getting it as a gift too

    yeah i am

    i will be getting in touch soon


    @todays ranting

    @stand tall-


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