Friday, March 19, 2010

I don't care, i'll blog it.

not sure what to do now... (lol)

It wasn't his gait, carriage or speech
It wasn't that he was suave and debonair
It was something more

It was not that he had deep passions
deep compassion too, what a mix (rare se)
It was something more

It was not his willingness to help
or being self sacrificial and real
It was something more

It was sincerity in his eyes, the light
of faith, hope and love; the real smile, simple trust
the glimmer of mischievousness, honest concern

Those were the things i loved about him
I thought and thought and thought
What was it i loved about him
What made him stand out from the other guys?

True love
(He's said i am not his true love, i wonder what i was. "One of them girls" It hurts but i think i can live with that. i guess this is the world i live in and i know it can't break me, i won't let it)

True love lasts,
it prevails,
it holds on,
it doesn't die,
its not a quitter

Its the greatest force in the universe
with the power to cause changes

This is what i feel right now (I don't know about tommorrow)

I wanted to say something smart o strong (be wise in the way of the world) or something witty or fly but i'll say something me,
i don't want to be anyone else

but me.

God still loves me no matter what so i'll stand come what may.

can't understand this... (weird but i am drawn, i can't explain)
(I can't explain but the something more is suddenly so scary  and unknown, not fully understood and yet i am unafraid, why? Lord be my shield)


  1. We can be scared and yet unafraid at the same's a paradox that makes sense.

  2. its always gud to let out ur emotions. supressd emotions are killers. True love wil cme wen it cmes. HOLD UNTO GOD FOR HE IS THE KEY.

  3. love can be scary
    but its also scary when ur without love
    only God can prepare us for it

  4. You just have to hold on. Nice write-up. Take care and have a nice weekend.

    ps, hope you saw my email?

  5. True schmoo.
    There is only one true love, Gods love.

    Pele dia (((((e-hugs)))))

  6. ((hugs)) and when we open our heart we find the peace and release!

  7. how deep!! quite sad ... well I am kind of in the same situation tho I wouldnt call this one my true love... maybe true crush hehe...

  8. this is quite sad.there is nothing to fear apart from fear itself.

  9. @jaycee
    scared and unafraid, don't have an answer yet.

    I was glad i let it out, i believe in love no matter what i go through...

    I guess i am prepared, as prepared as i'll ever be.

    thanks, i am checking it now

    i was hoping for what david had with jonathan existed in my time, still hoping, will still be hoping after the storm passes, thanks.
    (e-hugs too) thanks, i feel stronger.

    (hugs too)
    Thanks, i did find peace and something else.

    Have not defined it yet and uts driving me crazy, cos i am fine once i define things, tis why i write a lot, to clear my head.

    Sad, you think
    there's nothing to fear se, i agree with you. he hasn't given me a spirit of fear but of love, power and a sound mind.

  10. True Love- God's love
    A representation of God's love with that intended one - an awesome gift from God. Depending on His will and purpose our lives, the collision of timing for the represenation of this love varies... it also rides on the wings of our obedience..

    Nice one..

    Have an awesome week lovex

  11. @Remi
    I got u

    @The Girl with the red hair TGWTRH
    yes o, nothing compares!

  12. sometimes i hate love, it can be so complicated :(
    i hope u work it all out

  13. i have missed you rayo

    I hate love sometimes too
    I hope i can work it out too.

    Please don't go away again at least not for too long

  14. True love..nothing compares.
    Hope everything works out well for you eventually..

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  16. Not hoping about anything...

    I have left hope behind and i am now on faith
    I believe everything will work out together for my good.

    hello dear!

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  18. "True love lasts,
    it prevails,
    it holds on,
    it doesn't die,
    its not a quitter"

    i haven't found it,then. sigh! not giving up tho.

  19. @funkola
    It's not easy o, getting hit from all sides then i pause and think i am over dramatizing everything.

    Glad you stopped by sha, tried to add you on twitter...


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