Sunday, March 7, 2010

i was bored until i found this

I have always been a fan of Alfred Tennyson, Robert Browning, Williams Shakespeare (My fav), guess whose blog i found this:

The blog is a terrific read, there's another story about unrequited love, lost love and the like, if this guy is not publishing novels, his talents is laying waste.

Pay Rent Or Be Gone.

i never solicited a new boarder,

the room was never furnished
adequately for a new tenant,

yet, you insist on laying siege,

on being an unwelcome quest and squatter.

you have claimed ownership

to a place that is dark, desolate (yet still my home).

you have done as Columbus,

and as he, your claims of new discoveries

have only threatened the peace of mind of the natives…

in this case,
i am the only native,
yet i am still an island.

you are currently loitering
in the house called my heart,

all while trying to enter
the small room called my soul.

you smile,
yet i find no peace...

you call me a fool for not embarrassing
and welcoming your desires for hospitality.

you are a burglar, an infiltrator,
an interrupter, a nuisance and trespasser,

you are at the threshold of my heart

prepared to raid with no mercy,
no consideration
 for the soul inhabitant
 peace of mind.

if you insist on staying,

at least have the decency
to at least pay rent with
no complaints
 or be gone.

My literature teacher in ss1 probably never imagined I'd be using her skills to interpret love poems online, the lady in question has occupied his heart and she does not even pay rent lol.

Lovely poem, don't you think?
i feel soppy today and i won't hold back, i'll enjoy my writing to the fullest.


  1. A very DEEP poem! Very eloquently written - with much truth and emotion. Yet the underlying TRUTH is defeating. You said it Tisha, she has occupied his heart - with out an ivitation - and isn't even paying rent!

    My application on this fine piece of words - is - whose fault is it that she laid seige at all - and whose fault is it that she remains - forget the fact that she isn't even paying rent!

    She was not invited in the first place. His heart was not prepared for her intrusion. It cannot be a blanced relationship because of her intended 'squatter's rights' and his unprotected walls.

    I would call this a huge lack of 'boundaries'...on both sides! You have to ask, "what is he walking away with - by letting her stay. What is it about the situation that somehow must feed his soul? ..or he would never had let her occupy his heart the first place.

    'Co-dependency' has a trade off for both persons. (not saying this is that - but it could be and it's food for thot)

    graet post, Tisha. Thanks for sharing.

    Patrina <"))>><
    His Watchman on the wall

  2. This is really a very nice one. Nothing more to add to Patrina

  3. @leggy
    you sure, its okay, that's how i felt yesterday.

    I am glad you liked it. i felt it might be unspiritual but i am still human sha, so i write on all sides of me.

    i am glad you wrote on what you thot cos its objective and seeing it from another point of view.

    thanks, not mine sha but i liked it too.

  4. oh wow! I love this poem.

    Yup, Occupation without notification or payment.. :-)))
    How are you girl..

    and re your comment:
    Keep planting Tisha... it will grow the harvest you desire by God's grace.. Amen.

    Have a great week.. Much love x

  5. 時間的銳齒能吃盡一切,唯獨對真理無能為力。........................................

  6. This poem just took me back memory lane - the subject matter of unrequited love.

    But this approach was really deep. This is the kind of poem that would be nice to hear being read at a book reading.

  7. @remi
    me too o

    i love it too, you're new at least to my blog.

    how doo i get rid of folks like you.

    we can say thanks to the blogger who wrote it by clicking on the link 'pay rent or be gone'.


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