Saturday, April 24, 2010

10 things i really love...

1. I love my God. He loves me too.
E.g I am struggling in my thought life in practically all the areas but i know that His love for me has not changed. Because He still loves me no matter what, i always want to please Him.

2. I love my family
They are not perfect but they are my family so i want to love them. I just don't want to. i need to and i depend on them in different areas.

3. I love my friends
I may not be the best friend in the universe but i am learning to trust my friends and learning to be a good friend too. e.g I had four appointments today but i could only keep two and apologize to my cousin and to the other folks i am disappointing. The story of a working gals life.

4. I love my job
It doesn't pay as much as i would like but i am using it in my life and for the gospel and trusting God to bring increase my way. I believe that nothing in my life happens by chance and that God is orchestrating good for me so i am still expecting.

5. I love shopping.
I haven't shopped in a while (bad for my rep'). Last week my sis forced me out to go buy some things. I actually had fun until i saw the bill. Guess what? I refused to return anything, let me have some fun. So you can see why i need provision fast.

6. I love my girlfriends
My BFF (they are many), we may be at the stage in our life when we really don't have time for others but i still love them and its mostly me not meeting all our social appointments. I hope they don't give up and stop sending me invites to the creme de la creme parties and all that.

7. I am conservative but not quiet lol!
Most os my girlfriends or male friends are 'jaiye' (a Lagos slang for folks who love parties), we come across as really quiet and down to earth but we love to party and party like a rock-star. I am missing my friends because i trust them and building trust with new folks is hard work, just when you think you have built something, it falls like a pack of cards or they are not sincere or are political which is why i appreciate what they say about old friends.

8. I love to write
It is the outlet where i can let go and simply be. I don't care who's looking, reading or judging, i can juts let my hands flow and truely be me. I love to write, if you keep coming to my blog, you will come to believe it

9. I love reading
I used to read just about anything. One time i got hooked on pornography (the written kind) after i got out (thanks to my sis) i became selective in the things i read. If i am not controlling the stuff i put in my mind then its like that stuff we learnt when we were learning computers in Lag (GIGO garbage in garbage out). So i am more selective in my reading in fact i majorly do christian reading and intelligent reading.

10. I love me
I try to do what is right for me each time. I try to feed my soul and my spirit and body. I am running low on all three. I know if i feed my soul and my spirit that my body will follow suit. Someone tell me to discipline me, i no longer read as much or listen to as much messages and it's telling on me, maintaining my joy is a little difficult. i think i need me some tough love.

Last word before i sign out...

neefemi: Thanks i love you

I need to work on my thought life again, i am struggling in certain areas and i have this weakness, i never trust easily so i am silent and seeking solutions from within. best se, for my christian friends in the house, just pray for me.

see why i am always telling my BFF i am melancholy, feeling melancholy, i hope i'll be better tommorrow.

I hereby tag kafo, zoebeliever, blogoratti, beautiful, nigeriandramaqueen, fabulolo, sweetness, dante, BBB, enkay

By the way i found this lovely website for women. click here for the blog and here for the website.



  1. These 10 tell one that you have your heart in the right place. You're taking care of life and yourself. Your problems should take care of themselves too, soon, I hope. Bless you.

  2. lovely are conversative, yet u r "jaiye"

    awww thanks for tagging me.

  3. hmmm
    this 10 things meme ehn
    i guess id do it soon
    u love you
    right attitude

  4. @Nana
    good to hear from you. yeah, they are sorted.

    conservative and jaiye, hmmm! strange but true, i operate in seasons...

    yeah, the ten things meme, it took the pressure off my sunday

  5. i thought i commented on this and i like your list - true gratitude.....muah, love you

  6. I love readding, and thanks for your artical. ........................................

  7. Your problems should take care of themselves too, soon, I hope. Bless you.
    home based data entry

  8. @neefemi
    Love you loads,

    I share your love for reading.

    i am convinced its working together for my good.


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