Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Just having fun...

My heart is light cos i spoke to a friend and off-loaded my heart and just told her all the stuff i was thinking about and she just said, "sometimes you have to let go of the need to control everything and just trust God..."

Of course she said a couple of other things (mostly about 'man', lol, my younger sis hates it!) which we laughed and talked about, she tells me all about herself and me, i am the kind of person that likes gist, but before i would tell you anything you will hear when!

I was blog hopping and i saw this note on the FB posts of one of my friends in college and you know how i like to borrow notes from peeps i find interesting to share with my blogville family. Did i mention how much i appreciate you guys and the role you have played in my life, yes i have favorites but you all matter to me, when i come on blogville, its the time i give me to let my hair down and just be! Thanks and I love you (This is really a big deal, Tisha said 'i love you', i make it a point to not say 'i love you' unless i mean it).

A Real Woman Knows...

- how to fall in love.
(I have gone and done it. my friend says if you get hurt falling in love, no problem, its part of life, i should stop taking myself too seriously and just trust God so here goes, i am trusting God, hope i don't forget and start worrying)

- how to quit a job.
(I believe i can do this when and if the time comes with no hard feelings on my part at least lol)

- how to confront a friend without ruining the friendship.
(May the Lord teach me, i have not known anyone who avoids confrontations like me, rather i am skilled in the silent treatment which i hear is not a healthy relationship habit, my friend calls it sulking)

- when to try harder... and when to walk away.
(This is why i pray for serenity so i know what to do everytime, don't always know what to do but i have help)

- how to have a good time at a party she'd never choose to attend.
(I am a spoilt sport at parties. if i don't want to be at the party, i can criticize and criticize and letting go and having fun usually takes a while. i can be very stiff and stuffy sometimes but when i let go, my accompanying friend will usually have a great time, now can i just let go and have fun?)

- that she can't change the lenght of her calves, the width of her hips, or the nature of her parents.
(Funny enough, i love my boobs the way they are, my hips, my calves etc i don't mind adding an inch or two in hips sha but not too much, now my parents, love them despite their weaknesses)

- that her childhood may not have been perfect, but its over.
(Thank God it is over, i had fun but also...)

- how to live alone... even if she doesn't like it.
(I don't want to ever live alone, i have claustrophobic episodes from staying in a room alone sef, if i ever had to live alone, i would get a room mate, i hate isolation!)

- whom she can trust, whom she can't and why she shouldn't take it personally.
(I am super careful about whom i trust with myself, didn't use to have those issues but then you know that you must grow up sha! I am glad i have some people i trust now)

- where to go... be it her best friend's kitchen or a charming quiet hotel... when her soul needs soothing.
(That's what i did yesterday, i told my BFF (best female friend) about someone and she said he was loyal apart from his idiosyncrasies he had. i just laughed and told her everything from day 1 till date and what i go went thru/go thru (sorry blogville i can't really explain right now) and i was glad someone understood and she knew when to shut up and when to speak and not to judge).

God really does love me. i appreciate her friendship right this moment, wish i could trust her more, will check then maybe release a little.

- what she can and can't accomplish in a day, a month, a year.
(For me right now, all i do is a step-by step process of trusting God and anything is possible)

I love anyhow
God loves me, i love me
I love my family
I love my friends
i love my blogville family

I am just so content in my soul where it matters right now so no more worries and no more people pleasing and no more focusing on the wrong stuff, I am a woman of vision value and virtue.
I say this to myself every morning, a whole page of affirmation of what a woman i am so i don't forget, all gotten from the word of God sha, will share it with you sometime

(You can all start thinking up questions for my 100th post, its coming up and its going to be a big one, i appreciate blogville so darn much )

Being gushy, i miss me being gushy and myself...
I miss me


  1. awwwww!!!
    i loved this
    a real woman def knows.....
    we appreciate you too.
    looking forward to your 100th post
    there really isnt nothing like a BFF
    they always understand
    trust in God
    that my solution to everything now
    no more worries

  2. i really like this esp the quit a job and when to stop trying part...

    Q...whats your view on pre-marital sex and do u have a bf?

  3. awww really loved you more :)

  4. "I am just so content in my soul where it matters right now so no more worries and no more people pleasing and no more focusing on the wrong stuff, I am a woman of vision value and virtue."

    You GO Girl!!! I love this feeling...and of course I love you.

  5. A real woman,now that got me really :-))
    nicely written,Tisha!

  6. Lool! Love u too babes.

    Even when u r harsh.

  7. I really liked this, it may take a lot of hard work or self control but a real woman sure does know...

  8. really nice....beautiful post....*sigh*, i really must learn to be a REAL woman

  9. questions for your 100th post!
    Wow! congrats

    I like a woman should know where to be
    Nice post

  10. love it, love it and love u too...and the new template.

  11. @BBB
    I loved it too and thanks.
    looking forward to the 100th posts so ask away

    I don't do premarital sex and it is not because i do not currently have a b.f, still wouldn't do sex no matter how difficult it is.

    loved it and i love you too.

    i love you too jaycee and i loved it too.

    @My world
    I believe i am a real woman, thanks a lot

    I love you too and i love your courage to be honest always.

    It does take a lot of hard work and self control but then i know who i am

    I am sure you are a real woman and it is not for lack of flaws either, it is a work in progress, always wanting to be better.

    yes love, send in the questions

    Yes i am liking the new blog template and i do love you, ciao!

  12. first time the post and your views attached..

    good job...really uninhibited

  13. @Issey
    thanks for the compliment.

  14. This was a really nice post to read... I love the point about knowing when to quit... Applies to so many situations...

    Thanks for checking out our blog. :)

    OK... Questions... What is the hardest thing you ever had to do?

  15. @F and M

    ...and knowing when to hold on and when you are being manipulated for selfish purposes.

  16. really like this esp the quit a job and when to stop trying part...
    home based data entry


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