Friday, April 9, 2010

This can only be love...

Many days have past but i still remember easter and what it represents to me, i wrote a poem yesterday but blogger wouldn't let me post it and these days i am doing free style...

Over the last week, i had been hearing what easter meant to different people and i wanted to document mine so here goes:

This shakes me every time

When i was younger
i always wondered why he had to go to the cross
now my relationship with him is a very special on

when i found out
i cried, real tears not the manipulative one i grew up crying
to get my way

i wondered many times why he wouldn't toss the cross away
and fly up into the sky like superman or any other effizy
way cos for him anything was possible

i mean, i wouldn't bother with mean and nasty people
who just want to go their way and do their thing
but he wouldn't budge

still he carried the cross trudging along
he was wounded, his stripes bristled in pain
i mean those prongs took pieces of flesh and blood

someone recently said that mel gibson didn't get the true picture
however gruesome "the passion of the Christ was
i mean 'why would you die on a cross for me?' i cried inside:

He did it for me so i would know
As he walked to the cross weighed down by the pain, the hurt and the shame
He saw me, he saw my victories and he saw the obstacles that could have
stopped me from 'getting to the other side'

He saw my pains, my shames and my perceived disadvantage
he has told me i can never be disadvantaged and i believe him
but what if he had given up on the way and did not make it to the cross

He saw the weights that could have held me down
he saw darkness creeping up on me and knew that my own 'tisha'
i'll do it for you

He went to the cross having fully counted the cost
after deciding i was worth it
he died on the cross and set me free

from sin and its consequences
he translated me from darkness into light
he gave me power over all the power of the wicked one

He assured me of victory even before i began the journey
and he walks with me daily to ensure i don't sway from his path
for me

He went to the cross for me
He knew the cost and he paid the price
so i could have every thing he died for

he gave me a voice and so
when i saw poverty, i preached the gospel
when i saw sickness, i proclaimed healing
when i saw captivity, i proclaimed liberty
when i saw foolishness, i declared understanding
when i saw doubt, i spoke the word and faith arose...

Thank God he arose after 3 days
We are more than what we see



  1. "He gave me a voice." I loved that line. It's got to be LOVE :)

  2. It is definitely love indeed. I loved this, thanks for sharing.

    Have a nice weekend.

  3. @Jaycee
    Yes o, He gave me a voice that i may not remain silent but speak.

    No truer staement

    Glad to share

  4. indeed! i can face everyday. He lives!

  5. @funkola
    Hi gal, yes o, because he lives, after the whole gory scene of the cross and all, my victory is that he lives.

  6. It is definitely love indeed. I loved this, thanks for sharing.
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