Sunday, May 9, 2010

i wrote this...

blushing but pleased

I wrote my heart and my mind and i put all my guts in it
i confess that it gets me every time i read it, i may yet
make a terrific writer

myne edited it sha
so i can't take the credit for it all
go check it out...


  1. myne really is a fabolous editor
    am off to read

  2. Love the story, looking forward to the rest of the story

  3. @BBB
    myne is one in a million

    i hope i can do this with all the imagination it requires and make it worthwhile...

  4. You really did good, as you can see I didn't do much to your main story. Keep writing please

  5. @myne
    written another, about to send it to you and thanks.


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