Tuesday, May 25, 2010

In deep thots...

I was thinking thinking and thinking and so i went to my very first pastors page on facebook to look at how he thinks and where he receives inspiration and maybe i didn't quite find what i was looking for but i found these three questions and i tried to answer them as best i could...

3 Questions:

1.Who am I?

I am 'tisha', i am a new creation in Christ Jesus, everyday i walk with the Holy Ghost a little closer, i am committed to the ministry of reconciliation (letting people know about the good news that Christ has paid for sin and its consequences and a free gift is available). The platform i use to spread the gospel is where i work, the people i come across and impact a little more everyday for Jesus. Every other thing is just a part of this major thing, if i do this, then i am alright with Jesus.


2.Where am I? 

Right now, i am on my way to destiny by the things that i do everyday, it may not look like much and of course i am not satisfied with it (if you knew me, you would know why) but i am confident that even though it looks like i am charting my course, i know that he leads me everyday. How do i know that? Because every morning when i wake up, i can see the sun rise and i know that is a sign of his covenant, and on my way home after work, i can see the sun setting and i know only Him can make the sun rise and set...
God is faithful and the spiritual is so much more real than this physical.

3.Where am I going?
I can see tomorrow with my eyes of the spirit and i know that it is beautiful and full of promise and prosperity and joy and peace and love and success and everything divine. I see growth in all areas, i see favor and compassion, i see me becoming a better person and adding value as usual. I see a life lived in purpose to please God but nothing boring, i see a fun life, adventurous and full of everything God considers good, this is my life for he perfects all that concerns and at the scent of water cause everything that concerns me to bud and be full of life, He takes care of everything i put in His hands. 


My scripture for the week:
"But to attain these gifts, you need more than faith, you must also work hard to be good and even that is not enough. For you must learn to know God better and discover what he wants you to do. Next learn to put aside your own desires so that you will become patient and godly, gladly letting God have his way with you. This will make it possible for the next step which is for you to enjoy other people and to like them, and finally you will grow to love them deeply. The more you go on this way, the more you will grow strong spiritually and become useful to our Lord Jesus Christ"

The above scripture i blogged with in Dec 2008 and it was a catalyst for a great many good things in my life. Growing up i used to have headaches if i cried, have heart burn if i had a shouting match or my chest would contract if i held anger inside. so i grew up not fighting much, as i have grown older in my Christian faith, i have come to understand that retaining negative emotions stagnates your growth and the Holy Ghost will speak but you won't hear so i am sharing this with you in the hope that the word of God changes you the way it has changed me.

PS By the way i am right now undergoing 'change' again, i think i am getting used to it.


  1. interesting questions...and your answers got me thinking of mine too :-))

  2. Getting used to change is not always easy...but it must be done-for inner growth to occur. Good to see you are undergoing change...Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thanks for sharing this, those three questions are key to our life and future.

  4. @My World
    yeah, i needed answers and so i went searching, the word says 'seek and you will find...'

    Yeah, i usually have to strengthen my inner man always to get a move on in this 'My Christian Walk', i have to remind myself of who i am from time to time even though i don't forget.

    You are like clock-work, thanks for dropping by, you can be dependable, at least your consistency shows it.

  5. Change is always good i say...have a great week

  6. 教育的目的,不在應該思考什麼,而是教吾人怎樣思考......................................................

  7. @neefemi
    Thanks, it is feeling good unlike all the other change that has come my way.
    i usually go kicking and screaming lol!

    @my chinese friend
    yeah i am learning how to think every day
    i follow the word is all!

  8. "You need more than faith."


  9. Tisha, the scripture of the week is so worded, i would like to know what version of Bible. Do well to include the scripture reference too, so one can quickly search it, especially for a memory verse.

    WHO AM I?
    I am Elastic, I have the ability to rebound to my original shape and form because of the love of God for me, because he chose me even before i got here. Life may present unpleasant situations..., BUT i have the ability to return to my original pristine purpose.

    I am on the way to recovery. Recuperating on every ground, reconnecting to the love of God on deeper levels, armed with the experience of seemingly unpleasant situations and all dressed with testimonies.

    I am going to a destiny of Gods glory, the very reason for which i was birthed in Jesus Name.

  10. @Jaycee
    yes o, i was more than surprised when i first heard it. You would think the revelation was mind blowing, but i had to take two years before i came back to it again. (slapping my fore head and laughing)
    the forgetfulness of human nature.

    It's TLB (The Living Bible). I like your answers too..
    "I have the ability to rebound to my original shape and form because of the love of God for me" these words just do something inside me. thanks

  11. Nice one here Tisha....Me too, I am a new creation in Christ Jesus, my destiny is to reconcile men to God.

  12. 'the gentlemanlover' writes again.

  13. Tisha thanks for visiting the Bridge this morning. I needed to hear your voice. It is strong...my dad had a stroke yesterday and unless the Lord changes something, he will not be able to come back home where he and I share life together. I have been his 24/7 caregiver for the past year.

    I had been up for 24 hours when I finally came home from the hospital. Curently - he is now an invalid. My life, as well as his has chamged dramactically in an instant.

    I needed to hear your worship songs here and read this post. It spoke volumes to me in this situation. You were anointed and God sent to my bridge at this time. Thank you for your openess and your kind heart. I have found rest and peace for my soul through my visit here today. God spoke through you and the scripture was just what I needed to hear. Thank you & God bless you richly for your spirit filled heart and voice.

    Patrina <")>><
    His watchman on the wall
    expecting His return

  14. @Beulah
    I love the meaning of your name, sought after, been to yours too. yeah, i better be remembering that i am meant to be reconciling men to God.

    been there, today he is boring, can't hold my attention

    I felt the spirit move when i read your blog. you are the peak of my day i think!

    You know what i commented before i read your post but i am glad you were blessed by my blog. it used to lift my spirits on days i felt i had no hope and i am glad it did something for you.

    God is your strength! The joy of God i pray for you. you could play music in the house (i mean yours) so it lifts your spirits and his and i pray the Holy spirit ministers to both you and your dad and restores his heath again...

  15. This article has inspired me greatly.Thank you.

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  17. i wonder why my sister wasn't nominated for Nigerian blog awards. u inspire me sweetie.

  18. i think that despite what you do or dont God still loves you and you are alright with him

  19. @teletele
    i am happy you were inspired.

    i wonder why! They just don't love me on blogger...
    Hi how are you doing? Thank you love for the encouragement

    Thanks for the love. People tire me especially 'Jesus people' wen no resemble am...

  20. Hi Tisha!
    You really got me think about these three questions and it opened me to so much more.Thank you.
    And thank you for the encouraging words you left over mines

  21. @tricia
    I am touched, i love encouraging others.

    It is normal to ask for help from people you know can help you. The scriptures say "The name of the Lord is a strong tower, the righteous run unto it and are safe"


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