Monday, March 28, 2011

New week, same goal...

Goal: To be a light to my world.

This is what i live for
I want to be a light when it looks like all that is
is darkness

I want to be the light
when circumstances shout
the loudest

I want to be the light when all hope seems lost
i have been anointed to be a light
So its inside me, not outside me

All i need do is keep learning
Its all in me
Everything to live the abundant life

Its all in me
All it takes to live a godly life
Or the abundant life

I am created to bring glory to His name...

I am never disadvantaged
I have the advantage, i can be the best everyday
Because i have the advantage, i have the blessing!

NB. Life still has meaning for me,
cos all i am doing is worth it in Christ...
Expecting the best, expecting forever

Expecting God...


  1. @Doll
    Thanks a lot...

    Yes the lord is my ever present help...

    Yes, it is. I don't believe in luck, i know i have all the favour i need.

  2. Nicely written!
    Whenever I see young ladies like yourself with such strong faith, I am reassured that the future will be okay!
    God bless and thanks for dropping by my blog!

  3. Yes, in him we live and move and have our being, and in him, our lives has meaning. Beautiful poem.

  4. Lovely Poem. Our life has a meaning :D

  5. @naijamum
    Hello, you are welcome to my blog. yeah, yeah, all the glory belongs to God sha. He gets all the glory or grooming me.

    My life has meaning in Christ. Thanks, it was just a bunch of writing, i did not even have a poem in mind but it looks good i guess!

    Thank you NBB. You are my twitter pal abi! Hotr guy!


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