Thursday, October 20, 2011

Moammar Gaddafi is dead!

@washingtonpost: VIDEO: Moammar Gaddafi shown reportedly killed in Sirte R
It's sad abi i have to retort to this to get some attention. I am not sad to say that I am happy this man who has caused so much sadness for people in Libya is dead. It sounds almost as good as when i discovered at midnight on twitter that Osama Bin Laden was dead. 
I have missed all my tweet family and when i went to ex sch nerd's site i discovered why, they are hopping from blogger to twitter to google plus.
Olufunke is back and she wrote something on how she is thankful and then listed so many things i don't identify with so much. Not so much that it isn't true, it is just difficult for me to rejoice because things are not going so well.
I am thankful because His love for me is unending. I am thankful because He has good plans for me even though i may not see them yet but they are true. I am thankful that He has a good life planned for me, that He takes care of my family that He knows tomorrow and that i am connected to Him *I think this is a great way to be thankful*. I am sorry about all the people that did not make it but i will not be one of them, i am a conqueror because He lives in me.
Myne does not comment here any longer and maybe it is because i am not nice but i am not in the mood to be nice to anyone, i am in a blunt mood, i tell it as it is! She does have a new interesting novel she is writing about, i love true romance for anyone that is interested, you can click above.
I have been bugging my dad, what is my best phrase? 
"What can a man give in exchange for his soul?"
as much as he has done wrong (so much) i wish he could really commit to God and i pray to God for him that He would divinely encounter God and it seems so impossible but i am unimaginably favoured to be serving a God who doesn't want situations that seem like He can deal with them, He's not intimidated so He can deal with them and take care of my family too.
I think i am done picking on folks 
You  can check it at the link above...


  1. Dear,

    So bad Ghadaffi died like that...well Nothing Lasts forever!
    Thanks for your comment on my post, and I'm all for candid opinion. I understand you...and yea I'm back to blogging...Thanks

    Why are are you bugging Daddy now? :-)
    How have you been?


  2. You say you're in a blunt mood, :) I really don't mind that, life is real so no more Mr. Nice guy is necessary sometimes.

  3. Nobody said the road will be easy and He couldn't have taken you that far only to leave u.

  4. @Olufunke
    Yeah, especially leadership.
    I am happy you are bad to blogging.

    I need to, so he'll make a decision

    I am. I need to be able to express myself
    and feel i can be honest whenever and wherever.

    He's still leading me. I am fully persuaded.

  5. Hi Tisha -

    It is so obvious that GOD RULES!

    Happy to know that we know it.

    Glory to GOD - most High!

  6. Yeah yeah!
    Just that sometimes my views is obstructed by my flesh.


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